2017 Festival Rules & Conditions

It is understood that in signing for and purchasing exhibitor space at the Highcliffe Revival Food Festival (HRFF) that the festival rules will be adhered to. The Christchurch Food Festival is being organised by the HRFF committee, subsequently referred to in these terms and conditions as the Event Organiser.

All sections of the booking form must be completed and accompanied by the following:
• Payment of the Fee as stated in the application form by cheque at time of application or by bank transfer within seven days of confirmation of booking
• A copy of the exhibitor’s risk assessment or method statement
• A copy of the exhibitor’s public liability insurance for a minimum of £5m
• A photograph of the exhibitor’s trade stand

Failure to do so will result in the booking form and payment being returned to the Exhibitor.

The Event Organiser reserve the right to refuse or withdraw any booking at its absolute discretion, in which case,
payment will be refunded to the exhibitor.

If the Exhibitor cancels the booking there will be a non-refundable cancellation fee of £100. If a booking is cancelled
after the 31 March 2017 the entire booking fee remains payable. This may be remitted in whole or in part at
the discretion of the Event Organiser.

1. The exhibitor must sell food and drink related products and be Local Authority registered if applicable.
2. All stalls including tow bars must fit within the space booked.
3. All vehicles must be off-site by 9.30am on each day and parked in a dedicated Traders’ Car Park displaying a
valid Festival parking permit.
4. All vehicles must be removed off site after set up unless the Event Organisers have granted permission for them to remain on site
5. Stalls must be manned, stocked and ready to trade by 09.45 on Saturday 20 and Sunday 21 May 2017.
6. Exhibitors must trade or have a presence at their stall for the whole of each trading day. The Festival will
close at 18.00 on Saturday 20 May and 16.00 on Sunday 21 May 2017 and all stalls must be completely broken
down and removed by 19.00. Vehicles will only be allowed on site after 18.00 (Saturday) and 17.00 (Sunday)
7. All food and drink traders must have adequate supplies of hot water for washing-up, cleaning surfaces and
hand washing and must comply with relevant Food Hygiene and Health and Safety Legislation; failure to
comply may result in your stand being prevented from trading
8. The exhibitor is responsible for the clearance of all waste generated by their stall and must remove all rubbish
(including oils and grey water) from the site at the end of each trading day. General rubbish including paper
and cardboard must be placed in the roller bins provided by the Event Organiser. Oils and grey water must
be properly and lawfully disposed of.
Any trader failing to do so will be charged £250 to cover the cost of cleaning.
9. The exhibitor must not place goods or A boards beyond the boundaries of the stall, either on the ground or
hanging, except with the permission of the Event Organiser.
10. The exhibitor must keep the stall and fittings and the space below and behind the stall clean and free from
litter and ensure cooking units/grills etc. are not in contact with the public.
11. Exhibitors selling food must comply with the Weights and Measures Regulations, Food Safety (General Food
Hygiene) Regulations 1995 as amended and the Food Safety (Temperature Control) Regulations 1995 as
12. All exhibitors selling alcohol must apply for a Temporary Event Notice (TEN) from Christchurch Borough
Council within the legal time frame.
13. All exhibitors must have public liability insurance for a minimum of five million pounds. A copy of the
insurance certificate must be enclosed with the application form.

Terms& conditions continued:

14. All exhibitors using electricity or flammable gas must provide adequate fire extinguishers. Those using
electricity must have current and signed inspection labels (or relevant certificates) on or for the electrical
products concerned. The Electricity Supply Request of the Booking Form must be completed and signed by
the Exhibitor to confirm acceptance of the terms and conditions.
15. The Event Organiser will not be liable for any loss or damage, consequential or otherwise to any trader’s
property or produce.
16. The Event Organise will endeavour to accommodate specific stall location requests when possible but
reserves the right to change an agreed position if necessary or to refuse a request.
17 Exhibitors will be required to enter into a formal licence with the Event Organiser prior to the Event and to
comply with its terms and conditions throughout the Festival.
18 All gazebos must be made of a heavy duty fabric and weighted down by heavy metal weights on each leg.
The Organiser accepts no responsibility or liability for any damage to the general public, traders or other
traders property caused by a trader’s gazebo.
19. The sub-letting of all or part of a stall by an exhibitor is forbidden, unless authorised by the Event Organiser
20. Exhibitors are responsible for the provision of suitable fire safety equipment on their stalls. The Event
Organiser and the Fire/Health & Safety Officer, reserve the right of inspection of all stands and equipment.
21. Traders are not permitted to have more than one stall selling duplicate products/produce